SoulSearch TV

Reach the World

With SoulSearch TV, reach large global audiences of 85+ million on every popular platform, from mobile phones to living room TV’s.

Introduce your content to the fastest growing TV device audience with our customized ROKU apps. ROKU leads the pack of TV devices boasting 39 million users tuning in every month…

Your show will be available on SoulSearch TV, in the Amazon App Store. With one touch, your audience can access your content along with notifications and moreā€¦

Bring your content to the Android TV audience with your show on the SoulSearch TV Android TV channel.

Your show will be a part of the SoulSearch TV channel in the Android and Apple App Stores. With one touch, your audience can access your content along with notifications and more…

What is SoulSearch TV?

It’s a streaming TV channel for conscious programming that will be broadcast on ROKU, Amazon, Android TV, and it will have its own website & mobile app. We will also broadcast some shows to YouTube and Facebook. After your show airs, it will continue to be available for viewing any time on the channel.

When does it start?

The channel is launching in January 2023. You can start any time. You do not need to have your shows ready now. You can choose when you would like your first show to air (time and date).

How does it work?

You create 1 season of 12 episodes. 1 episode will air once a week for 3 months. You can start your season when you are ready. Each episode can be 30-60 min long.

What kind of show can I do? Do all of my episodes have to have the same theme or format?

You can have any kind of show you like! Be creative! Each episode can be different. Here are some sample themes:

1) showcase your work or modality – what it’s like for clients to work with you and the transformation they go through, either individual or group work;

2) sacred site visit;

3) teaching;

4) channeling;

5) interview or roundtable discussion;

6) retreat or ceremony experience; and whatever you can come up with!

What do you need from me for the show?

We will need the name of your show and description of your show (few sentences). We also need any branding/pictures you would like on the thumbnail we will create for your show. We would like the 1st episode of your show 2 weeks before you would like the show to air. We would need the specific title and a short description for the show as well. This will give us time to prepare the thumbnail, do the SEO, tagging, etc. We will need the name of the episode and a brief description.

How long are the shows?

You will have 12 episodes The shows can be 30-60 min

What are the parameters for the video?

Video Format: MP4 or MOV

Frame size: 1920×1080

Frame rate: 30fps

Bitrate: 2-4mbps

How to video?

Use appropriate lighting so viewers will see you clearly. Use your iphone or a camera. If you have an external microphone that plugs into it, you can use that as well.

Can I promote myself and my offerings & services?

Yes, your links will be in the show description and you can also mention in your show, wherever you feel is appropriate